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Move Management

Making Business Moves Successful

If you are relocating, adding, changing, right-sizing, or simply re-organizing – our move management process enables your business to continue with limited disruption, and a successful outcome.

Whether moving people, furniture, filing contents, equipment, chemicals, information technology, and infrastructure, our specialized proven process ensures a seamless and stress-free experience.

Move Management Services

Tessier Design Corp. has the expertise to manage and make your business moves easier. From pre-move planning and cost management to move schedule and supervision, we provide comprehensive move management solutions end-to-end. Our move management services include:

  • Pre-move planning and human resources programming
  • Move preparations (packing) and logistics
  • Landlord review and scheduling
  • Move cost management
  • Move schedules
  • Leadership messaging, staff communications, and updates
  • Risk mitigation
  • Move plans including swing space or temporary storage
  • Tender review and recommendations (movers)
  • Chain of custody and security
  • Confidentiality of work product
  • Move information kit and packing instructions
  • Move supervision – after hours
  • IT coordination
  • AV coordination
  • Permit for specialty items/products
  • Welcome and site orientation packages
  • Go Live – Day 1 services (furniture, AV, food service)
  • Follow-up surveys

Move management is not just about the physical workspace; it is also about logistics, communications, and most importantly your people.


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